Dr. John Sparaga

We have been using the Spectralase diode laser since 2007, and I can safely say that it has been a delight to work with. Having practiced orthodontics the past 35 years, and having purposefully avoided some of the unpleasant aspects of surgical patient treatments. I have been amazed how clean, painless, and effective laser surgery is in comparison. We have expanded our treatment regimen to include many periodontal and surgical procedures for our orthodontic patients that improve our results and reduce time in treatment. The Spectralase diode laser has been a strong, reliable “workhorse” for us, and I expect many years of trouble free and efficient use with it. Further, Bob Cobley has been most helpful in sharing his technical expertise and suggestions after sale. I heartedly recommend any orthodontist interested in developing his practice invest in a Spectralase diode laser.