Dr. Steven J. Rosenstein

I am thrilled with the performance of your Spectralase diode laser. I have used two other major manufacturers’ units both in my private practice and in the University of Florida Clinic where I teach. The ease of use and the effectiveness and efficiency of the tissue management really surprised me when I compared it to my prior experiences. I suspect that it is a result of the 980 wavelength and the precision of its calibration that makes the difference. In addition, the pulsed mode works incredibly well. I rarely used it on the units because it did remove the tissue as easily as the continuous wave setting, but the Spectralase pulsed mode works as smoothly as the CW mode with less heat generation and less post treatment discomfort. I really look forward to using this instrument because I know it is going to perform as I need. I just couldn’t resist telling you again how great your laser is working for me. The pulsed mode works fantastically…thx