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3 important wavelengths, 7 modes

980nm recontouring precision

450nm bulk hyperplasia reduction

650nm pain management after adjustments

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…and 1200+ orthodontists,
28 Residency Programs
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  • 980nm (Spectralase) a history as superior for gingival recontouring the new microsecond Super Plus makes it faster, cleaner, more comfortable.
  • 450nm wavelength (Blue Lase) the highest absorption in melanin and hemoglobin, absorbed by proteins 60 times higher than traditional lasers for much improved cutting efficiency in non contact mode.
  • Effective to quickly treat hyperplasticity tissue while penetrating much more shallow with far less thermal penetration. No fiber initiation required. CO2 like cutting at a fraction of the cost without maintenance issues.
  • 650nm for pain management caused by adjustments Special photon energy levels with microsecond pulses energy excites mitochondria causing subdivisions with results of pain reduction.
  • Dual and triple wavelength ability


  • 3 Important wavelengths
  • 980 nm Proven far superior, cleaner, smoother
  • 450nm blue lase, Proven much faster for removal of hyperplastic tissue
  • 650 nm Proven pain reduction and elimination caused by adjustments
  • Dual and triple wavelength ability
  • New Microsecond Super Plus for reduced charring and patient comfort
  • Science based with no commercial gimmicks
  • Proven dependable 10+ year lifespan
  • 3 year warranty
  • No expensive single use tips making Spectralase far more affordable than other lasers

Making Spectralase far more affordable than other lasers


3 Important Science based wavelengths with no gimmicks
  • 650nm for pain management after adjustments is a special combination of wavelength, energy, and pulse duration and your patients will not experience the usual pain after adjustments. This cannot be accomplished by adding a attachment to any wavelength like with other lasers. This technology is based on years of scientific research and experience and nothing like a inexpensive worthless LLLT found a the internet. Our KOL recommend this laser.
  • 450nm (blue Lase) for hyperplasia reduction. Recontouring hyperplasia has been a problem for orthodontists with treatment time as long as 60 minutes. With our Blue Lase mode our users are experiencing 15-20 minute treatment time.
  • 980nm Studies prove 980nm light is absorbed 30 times more efficiently into the water at the tissue surface with a depth penetration 5 times less than with 810 nm. Greater surface absorption results in more efficient incisions with minimal tissue charring. Less thermal penetration causes less damage to the underlying tissue insuring patient comfort and superior healing.
  • Advanced Super Pulse Mode Years of medical community research influenced us to create an advanced pulse mode using pulses with a duration of 10 millionths of a second. Spectralase automatically adjusts the pulse interval depending on the wattage



Dr. David Sarver
Dr. Stuart Frost




650nm Pain Management Laser

“Approximately 5 years of testing proves that most patients after 20 seconds per quad of no heat, and no pain, simple laser treatment are relieved from adjustment pain of 50%-100% for 1-2 days.”


What Our Customers Think

Dr. Stuart Frost

Dr. John Graham

Dr. Tom Pitts

Dr. David Sarver

Dr. Trevor Nichols

Dr. Wassim Bouzid

Spectralase cuts at least 10 times faster compared to other lasers. The amount of time I save is worth every penny.

Dr. Blake Sherrick

Spring, TX

We have utilized other brands of lasers in the past but have found we prefer the Spectralase due to the proven efficiency in multiple aspects of soft tissue management for our patients in both our pediatric dental and orthodontic practices.

Dr. Michael J. Mayhew

Boone, NC

I have been using the Spectralase Laser for a few years now after having had another laser for a number of years prior. There is no comparison. The Spectralase provides a much more consistent cut that is predictable without overheating of the unit. In addition, the amount I have saved over the course of the past few years in not needing expensive tips already paid for the new unit. Much simpler and easy to use.

Dr. Bill Dischinger

Lake Oswego, OR

Our Spectrum diode laser has really improved the level of service we are able to offer our patients. Before minor exposures set patients back months where we can do it in office and get brackets on those teeth immediately. Also, it has been extremely nice to have the ability to remove swollen gingiva, particularly near the end of treatment. It improves the post-deband aesthetics so much. I highly recommend utilizing a diode laser in the orthodontic office. We have loved our Spectrum laser to the point we ordered another one for our satellite office.

Dr. Jae Brimhall

Pueblo, CO

Having a laser in an orthodontic practice is absolutely critical. Managing soft tissue during and after treatment helps me define the esthetics of the case. Having used 3 lasers in the past, Spectralase is clearly the leader in my mind. Not only does their laser perform every time, the customer service is first class.

Dr. Todd Bovenizer

Cary, NC

In my opinion, tissue recontouring is a must for every orthodontist. Tooth proportionality and Incisor display are an esthetic must. I use the laser to recontour the gingiva all of the time, including swollen tissue, impacted teeth, teeth that are not fully erupted, and beautiful gingival architecture. I’ve used 3 other lasers in the past and Spectralase is my favorite laser and I put it to use frequently. It is a ‘no-brainer’. Mr Cobley and his team have figured out how to simplify and keep the price point very reasonable.

Dr. Tom Pitts

Reno, NV/McMinnville, OR

We bought our Spectralase in 2006 and use it 2-3 times per day. The majority of the DENTAL insurance companies pay us quite well for these procedures. We easily paid for our laser in a 2 to 3 months.

Dr. Danny Weiss

Memphis, TN

We are thrilled with our Spectrum Laser. We bought our first in 2005 and we use it almost every day, because it makes us more efficient. We liked it so much we now have 3 for our satellite offices.

Dr. Bob Fry

Overland Park, KS

We have just purchased our third Spectralase laser unit from you since 2006. We especially noted the difference between the older 810 diode and the newer 980 diode laser. The pulsed operation with the 980 is significantly better than the 810 wavelength. Tissue removal is much faster and smoother without excessive char. The patients seem to experience less discomfort also. A nice unit!! As always your level of customer service is excellent.

Dr. Gregg Frey

Allentown, PA

The patients treatment time is decreased as well as providing a tremendous cost savings for the patient. I love the instantaneous benefit of being able to do a simple exposure of an impacted cuspid. It has paid for itself in a few short months.

Dr. Richard Boyd

Columbia, SC

I have both a Spectralase and the Biolase and prefer Spectralase because of the better wavelength for non pigmented fibers. Clinically it is faster. The wavelength matters!

Dr. Bob Miller

Warrenton, VA

I have been using my Spectralase diode laser since 2007 and love it. The product quality and personal touch with training was outstanding. Initially, I was nervous about using a laser in combination with my orthodontics but now I couldn’t practice without it. A laser is a wonderful adjunct to treatment and I would definitely recommend Spectralase.

Dr. Christy Fortney

Escondido, CA

Over the last decade, I have had a chance to evaluate a lot of diode lasers and I have found none better than Spectralase.

Dr. John Graham

Salt Lake City, UT

It’s all about the Finish and the last detail in finishing is gingival architecture. I’ve used other lasers and Spectralase is far superior. The smoothest cutting and the most comfortable laser for my patients. It also does not require expensive single use tips. I am very impressed!

Dr. Stuart Frost

Mesa, AZ

Gingival hypertrophy and partially erupted teeth are no longer a problem in my office because of the diode laser. Using only topical anesthetic, we utilize the laser daily to improve treatment efficiency.

Dr. Mark Coreil

Houma, LA

The laser has become a necessary instrument in my office, we use it routinely (daily basis) to deal with gingival excess and soft tissue removal of partially erupted teeth. The laser allows us to improve the success of TAD placement particularly in the palate.

Dr. Gary Opin

Milford, CT

We have been using the Spectralase diode laser since 2007, and I can safely say that it has been a delight to work with. Having practiced orthodontics the past 35 years, and having purposefully avoided some of the unpleasant aspects of surgical patient treatments. I have been amazed how clean, painless, and effective laser surgery is in comparison. We have expanded our treatment regimen to include many periodontal and surgical procedures for our orthodontic patients that improve our results and reduce time in treatment. The Spectralase diode laser has been a strong, reliable “workhorse” for us, and I expect many years of trouble free and efficient use with it. Further, Bob Cobley has been most helpful in sharing his technical expertise and suggestions after sale. I heartedly recommend any orthodontist interested in developing his practice invest in a Spectralase diode laser.

Dr. John Sparaga

Anchorage, AK

Spectralase diode laser is a really valuable addition to our bag of tricks. It is shortening treatment time and allowing me to get brackets on teeth, otherwise inaccessible. It is great. All my Ohio buds think the same. I am mostly doing exposures of cuspids, have done some operculectomies and gingivoplasties on lower second molars. Also, I am finding that a timed two minute application of the anesthetic gel is all I need. I can numb up to three areas at once and not have them complain of pain. All in all, I am glad I purchased, and I cannot figure out why I waited so darn long to jump into this

Tom Sonneveld

Orland Park, IL

The Spectralase laser has added a whole new dimension to the services I offer my patients. Often times we finish a patients treatment but the esthetics could be improved if only the gingival contours were more pleasing. Patients would rarely choose to see a periodontist for micro-esthetic issues. Having the Spectralase diode laser has enabled me easily finish those treatments more esthetically. My patients are always pleased by the ease of the procedure and the results they see. I can also expose unerupted teeth when necessary, perform frenectomies, and obtain access to second molars for best bracket position. The scope of our services has broadened and my practice has benefited as a result.

Dr. Mark Price

Rutland, VT

The Spectralase adds significant contributions by increasing the quality of care and expanding the cosmetic and periodontal Orthoevolution of my practice. I would not want to practice without this innovation

Dr. Michael Alpern

Port Charlotte, FL

I have used several lasers over the years and Spectralase is by far the fastest and smoothest cutting laser. The pulse mode is fabulous for patient comfort while using topical only. It doesn’t lose power and I can count on it every time I use it. At first I was hesitant to buy a laser and I didn’t think I would use it much, it turned out that we use it almost daily and it is very easy to use. Spectralase is a dependable top quality laser.

Dr. Mark Axelrode

Moraga, CA

The Spectralase is an invaluable tool that enables us to speed up the completion of cases. Instead of waiting six months or more for cuspids to erupt, the orthodontist can, within minutes, expose, bond and place immediate traction on soft tissue impacted cuspids. It also has helped to improve the esthetic outcome of numerous cases. These procedures can be done without any bleeding and little or no patient discomfort. The procedures are done under topical anesthetic. The laser itself is easy to manipulate and has adequate wattage for easy removal of heavily keratinized or hyperplastic tissue.

Dr. Sam Winkelmann, Dr. Kathleen McGrory

Katy, TX

I purchased a Spectralase earlier this year for my general dentistry practice and had to share with you how much it’s changed my team and my practice life. We use it 3-4x per day and it has not only eliminated the time commitment of packing cord for procedures, but it has opened up a whole new avenue of dentistry and changed the way I look at everything I do in ortho and cosmetic dentistry! It’s one of the best tech purchases I’ve made and we run a pretty tech heavy practice!

Dr. Kory Kirkegaard

Overland Park, KS

My Spectralase has been an invaluable tool in my practice of comprehensive dentistry. I use it routinely for gingival recontouring of cosmetic cases, to create final gingival positions from planned diagnostics for aesthetic crown lengthening, for orthodontic exposures, and frenectomies. Predictable and beautiful aesthetic dentistry is possible by creating gingival symmetry – and I use my Spectralase for this with confidence. The gingiva stays where I put it even after healing is complete and patient response is excellent with negligible post operative issues. The 980nm wavelength is more effective and less damaging than other diode laser wavelengths. After years of using the same laser, the power is the same as the day I bought it. Any comprehensive dentistry practice is incomplete without this high quality soft tissue laser.

Dr. Nada Albatish

Toronto, CA

We bought our first Spectrum laser in 1998 and it still works perfectly, we use it multiple times every day. We bought a 2nd unit for my hygienists and they use it daily as well. We see a considerable increase in production because of the lasers. I highly recommend Spectralase!

Dr. Steven Chase

San Rafael, CA

I am thrilled with the performance of your Spectralase diode laser. I have used two other major manufacturers’ units both in my private practice and in the University of Florida Clinic where I teach. The ease of use and the effectiveness and efficiency of the tissue management really surprised me when I compared it to my prior experiences. I suspect that it is a result of the 980 wavelength and the precision of its calibration that makes the difference. In addition, the pulsed mode works incredibly well. I rarely used it on the units because it did remove the tissue as easily as the continuous wave setting, but the Spectralase pulsed mode works as smoothly as the CW mode with less heat generation and less post treatment discomfort. I really look forward to using this instrument because I know it is going to perform as I need. I just couldn’t resist telling you again how great your laser is working for me. The pulsed mode works fantastically…thx

Dr. Steven J. Rosenstein

Adventura, FL

We purchased a Spectrum laser in 1998 and it lasted until 2012. After searching through the heavily advertised lasers on the market for a replacement. I wasn’t sure what was real or just hype. I stayed with a history of dependability built be a scientist. Best laser you can buy.

Dr. James Merrett

Kahului, HI

In my opinion, a diode laser is an essential hygiene adjunctive tool. I could not deliver optimum periodontal therapy without one. We have multiple diodes in our practice and I often use our Zap by Spectrum. It is very simple to use and extremely reliable. A perfect diode for a hygiene operatory!”

Heidi Christopher, RDH

Director Of Education, Dental Team Advancement, Folsom, CA

Unfortunately periimplantitis is a problem we must deal with. We are excited about this science based necessary innovation as a cost effective alternative to expensive and high maintenance CO2 lasers. Manufactured by a reputable laser company in San Francisco.

Dr. Randolph Resnik

Prosthodontist, Surgical Director, Misch Implant Institute, Pittsburgh, PA

After learning that a laser can eliminate bacteria around compromised implants better than any chemical bactericidal agent without damaging the implant surface, I started searching for the most economical and reliable laser with the the required 20 watts of power. I chose the Spectralase Laser based on their 15+ year history in dental lasers, their emphasis on reliability and quality, no over-priced parts to purchase for each patient, and the exceptional customer service from Bob. I have found their laser to be a reliable tool for soft tissue contouring around implants and has improved my success with implant salvage procedures. Any busy implant practice will unfortunately see their share of periimplantis and the Spectralase Diode Laser is a very cost effective device to help you manage this very difficult problem.

Dr. Jason Mohorn

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Greensboro, NC

Over the last 16 years I have used my laser with nothing but great appreciation for its benefits for my practice.

Carrie Berkovich

Periodontist, San Francisco, CA

4 years of Anniversary

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