Find Out How Affordable Our Lasers Can Be

Spectralase costs at least
$15000 less
than any other dental laser for sale.

Cost & Return on your investment

Every laser on the market except Spectralase uses expensive single use tips. They don’t work well, display poor fiber to fiber connection, and cost $7-$9 per tip.

Singl e Use L aser TYPICAL GENERAL DENTIST TYPICAL ORTHODONTIST TYPICAL USER Uni t C ost C ost o f T ips per year @ $7 per tip Fiber C ost per year Running c osts over 10 year s T otal C ost o ver 10 year s $4,000 $2,100 x 10 = $21,000 $25,000 $4,000 $8,750 (25 tips/wk) $2,100 (6 tips/wk) $8,750 x 10 = $8 7,500 $91,500 $7,795 $150 $150 x 10 = $1,500 $9,295 Spec tralase


GENERAL PRACTICE TYPICAL USE 6x /week over 50 weeks: HEAVY USE 10x /week $75,000 $125,000 To recoup fees for discount insurance plans. $250 laser crown lengthening patient fee in conjunction with crowns.
ORTHONDONTIC PRACTICE MINIMAL USE 1x /week over 50 weeks: TYPICAL USE 3-6x /week $15,000 $45-75,000 $300 per exposure from DENTAL insurance

Save over $15,000 over the life of your laser with Spectralase

Spectrum Lasers

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