Dr. Stuart Frost donates a Spectralase Diode Laser to Dugoni Orthodontic Residency Program

Spectrum Lasers Inc. is proud to announce; Dr. Stuart Frost, Mesa, AZ, has donated a SPECTRALASE diode laser to the University of Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, Orthodontic Residency Program. Dr. Frost conducted a live patient training course with the residents and they now have integrated SPECTRALASE laser technology into their treatment. The residents can now perform simple 1-2 minute exposures and access gingivetomies, done with TAC 20 topical with no discomfort, bleeding, or swelling, saving months of treatment time. Residents can also recontour gingival tissue to finish a case. “The important last detail in finishing a case is the gingival architecture” said Dr. Frost.

“We designed our latest models specifically for orthodontists with advanced technology for patient comfort when using TAC 20 topical. We are honored that 21 orthodontic programs now use our lasers” said Bob Cobley, President of Spectrum Lasers Inc. Programs using SPECTRALASE are; UOP, UCLA, UT Houston, Baylor, UFL, Louisville, Saint Louis, UCSF, UNLV, NYU, OSU, LSU, WV, Washington Hospital, Nova, Columbia, Buffalo, OU, Rutgers, Loma Linda, and Jacksonville.

“We emphatically believe SPECTRALASE is the highest quality, safest, and most advanced dental diode laser in the world. SPECTRALASE is $15,000 less than all other diode lasers for total 10 years cost of use.” added Bob Cobley.