Spectrum Lasers Inc introduces the worlds first triple wavelength dental laser

San Francisco, CA, Apr 1, 2024, Spectrum Lasers is proud to introduce the world’s first dental triple wavelength diode laser. Spectralase Pro and Spectralase Plus are now available worldwide.

Spectralase Pro is 3 lasers in one with 3 important wavelengths with dual and triple wavelength modes. 980nm for precision, 450nm blue laser for bulk hyperplasia reduction, and 650nm for pain management after adjustments. All 3 wavelengths are delivered by a Super Pulse micro pulse. Spectralase Plus is more powerful than our previous Spectralase 980 also with Super Pulse for faster cutting.

“We are very excited to offer these remarkable lasers. Removing hyperplasia has always been a challenge and with the 450nm blue lase doctor time can be reduced from 45 minutes to 15 minutes.” Patients treated for 20 seconds per quad with the 650nm pain management laser experienced 50%-100% relief. I have been in the dental laser industry for 25 years and I believe this laser is a game changer” said Bob Cobley President of Spectrum Lasers.