The University of Iowa is the 28th residency program to use Spectralase

San Francisco, CA, March 17, 2021, Spectrum Lasers is proud to announce The University of lowa Orthodontic Residency Program is now using Spectralase Diode Lasers. “Thank you to Co-Chief Resident Dr. John Welk for his determination and coordination with administration to make this happen” said Bob Cobley President of Spectrum Lasers.

Residency Programs using Spectralase: A.T. Still, Baylor, Buffalo, Columbia, Eastman, Jacksonville, Loma linda, Louisville, LSU, Nova, NYU, OU, OSU, Rutgers, SLU, Stonybrook Perio, UAB, UCLA, UCSF, UFL, UGA, UNLV, UOP, USC, UT Houston, Washington Hospital, UWV.

Spectralase is used for various soft tissue procedures to reduce treatment time and especially important for gingival recontouring to finish cases beautifully.